Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, He Has a Point....

Yet another embarassment to the legal profession :

This male lawyer is bringing a civil rights lawsuit against a bar that has "Ladies' Nights Specials." He is arguing that "ladies' nights" admissions and drink specials are unconstitutional because they don't apply to men.

That's fine. If that's the battle you want to fight in your life, good for you, buddy.

But what I found incredible was his statement: "I'm tired of having my rights violated and being treated like a second-class citizen."

You and me both, girl.

Because as a male lawyer, who also has an MBA, I'm sure he gets walked on ALL the time.

I mean, I'm sure he had an especially rough time during law school and business school being taught by mostly male professors, having a few women professors who most of your male classmates thought were "bitchy" and not as smart as the male professors, learning about business executives who were mostly men, learning about laws that were made by men, reading court cases decided by mostly men, going to interviews and internships and being taken more seriously because he's a man, and reading books that refer to all human beings as "he" because "man" is the default and standard human being but if a book dared to use "she" as the default pronoun then having to listen to other male classmates ridicule the use of "she" as being "distracting."

And then, for those times he wasn't in law school he was also probably "tired of" getting paid more than women for the same work, being unafraid of walking alone at night even in "safe" neighborhoods, not being catcalled/stared down by construction workers and other groups of men, going to court and having the court staff/judges/lawyers assume he is an attorney and not the secretary, and possibly thinking about running for office and not wondering if people would take him seriously because he's a man.

And to top it all off he goes to a bar, possibly to unwind after a long week of lawyering and businessing, only to have to pay full price for a cocktail when other people don't have to. It just isn't fair.

But he will have his day in court, and, like so many other "ladies' night" cases that came before this one, he will win his little case.

And in the meantime, we can hope that women will start winning the equality cases that really matter- like the recent Supreme Court case saying that a woman had no standing to sue when she was paid a lower salary than men at her workplace for decades.

But women getting free drinks, ha ha ha, that's the WORST!

Note to self: Find somebody to sue for "Gay Pride" and "Black History Month." There could be money in this!

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rachel m. said...

send this to the the publication that wrote this article...and/or to that lawyer's office. also, since he's probably paid less than all of the woman who hold the same position that he holds, it's even WORSE that he has to PAY more than them per beverage!! oh wait...