Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 and "Professional" Blogging

I was going to write a 9/11 blog but decided against it. 9/11 "tributes" are difficult to do well, and rarely do they evoke thoughts or emotions that have not already been thought or felt. Yes, "I remember" but do we need to see the planes hitting the buildings? Again?

The movies have already been made, the documentaries continue to air, we are still at war with a faceless noun, and politicians continue to use 9/11 to try to scare people into electing them.

Besides, what does America care about now? That Britney Spears sucked at the Video Music Awards and has supposedly gotten fat. (Even though I'd wager that she's skinnier than most Americans). So yeah, on this anniversary date, I'd like to talk about shallowness.

I used to read PerezHilton.com on a semi-regular basis. In case you don't know, Perez Hilton (the so-called "Queen of All Media") writes a blog making fun of celebrities and writing crude phrases on their pictures. I'll admit that an immature part of me sometimes thought he was funny. But, more often than not, he's just making fun of (mostly) women and (sometimes) men in a really shallow and bitchy way. He makes fun of people's weight, he makes fun of the clothes people wear, and he makes fun of how people look.

Now, I don't have too much sympathy for rich celebrities, especially the ones who are fuckwads who squander their fame and money. But, they should be criticized on the basis of their fuckwaddery, not their looks and weight. Those are easy targets of any 10-year-old. (Although the giant sunglasses really should go, and anorexia is so 1992). And, would he like people talking about him and his friends and family the way he talks about these celebrities? I doubt it.

Which brings me to my next point: Perez is a gay man. Because his website gets millions of hits per week, he makes gay men (and lesbians by association) look shallow and bitchy. Like all people, some gay people are, in fact, shallow and bitchy. But he's taken being a "professional gay" to a new, and superficial, level. Where theQueer Eye guys were once the professional-hip-gays who supposedly taught bumbling hetero men how to be cool, Perez is teaching millions how to be shallow bitches.

We should be so proud.

No thanks. For my dose of humor from gay comedians, I'll stick to Ellen, who manages to be funny without being vulgar, profane, or making fun of people.

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