Friday, September 28, 2007

Confessions of a Dork, A Meme

A while ago, during a Meaningless Internet Debate about marriage equality, someone with whom I was debating levelled an irrelevant and personal jab at me that I am probably unhip, even dorky perhaps, in real life. I am curious as to when the fellow with whom I was engaged in an online conversation saw where I claimed to ever be hip or how "hipness" relates to gay rights (other than the fact that being a lezzy is the cool thing to do these days, of course), but let me clear the air right now lest there be confusion.... I am unhip. A dork, even.

Dorkiness, however, isn't a bad thing. I think most people, actually, are unhips dorks at heart. And, maybe I'm also judgmental but I find people who concern themselves with keeping up with the latest fashions, gadgets, bands, restaurants, etc. solely for the sake of appearing hip- rather than appreciating the inherent quality of these things- to be somewhat shallow.

If we lived in a world where more people embraced their Inner Dork, rather than keeping up a "hip" persona, I think it would help us live in a more real, and less shallow, world. And so, I'm creating a new Internet Meme called "Confessions of a Dork."

The idea is this:

My Inner Dork is going to blog 5 confessions as to why I'm a dork. Then, I'm going to "tag" another person's blog and that blogger will do the same, and so on, and so on. If you're tagged, you don't have to participate. Because really, I don't care all that much if this little meme dies out. For, I do realize that this reeks of email chain letters telling you that you must send this to 5 people or you will sit on a needle with AIDS in the movie theater and then wake up the next morning in a tub of ice with your kidneys missing and then never have sex again.

But this meme is different. You only have to send it to one other person. If you don't, only one of your kidneys will be stolen.

Confessions from my Inner Dork:

[deep breath]

1. I like Yanni. You know, the composer with long hair. In fact, I took piano lessons for many years growing up and I eagerly looked forward to playing Yanni songs in our yearly recital. I even had an entire book of Yanni sheet music.

2. I like Rocky movies. All of them. Even outcast cousin Rocky V. And even though they all follow this format: "unbeatable" boxing foe identified, Rocky goes through unorthodox training regimen, pesky Adrian tries to urge Rocky not to fight, and then the big fight occurs. Yet, the entire series began with the anomalous Rocky I, where Rocky lost the big fight at the end. And therefore, in subsequent sequels you just never know if the Italian Stallion will ultimately prevail.

Yo, Adrian!

3. Sometimes, I snort when I laugh. And, sometimes when I laugh especially hard, a little bit of pee comes out.

4. I have like 5 outfits that I rotate wearing each day. Although I want to look nice when I dress, I don't care about shoes, makeup, or fashion. And, although I would like more clothes from which to choose, I hate shopping. I can only handle it in small doses, and when I go shopping it has to be on my terms only. For instance, I only have the patience to briefly look for a couple new shirts for me and look at nothing for the other person. Yes, this is hypocritical, impatient, and immature. If you don't like it, don't go shopping with me. People who can put up with me while shopping are rare gems.

5. I take continuing education classes at the local community college where my classmates are at least 15 years older than me.

Embrace your inner dork. Here's to caring more about what makes you happy and less about what other people think of you.

Jane Know, of Fallacy Findings, you're It. (If you're reading this). Am I doing this meme thing right?

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