Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun with Foods

A Non-Gay-Non-Political Personal Blog for Thursday.

For the few of you who have been reading my blog pre-Blogger days, this is a variation of a post I previously wrote. It is a very important and heated topic. Please observe my comment policy when leaving comments.

Foods I like that many people seem to not like:

A) Pickled beets

B) Bleu Cheese

D) Brussels Sprouts

E) Deviled Eggs

F) Olives (any kind, but especially bleu-cheese stuffed ones)

Foods I dislike that I'm not sure if many other people like:

A) Spam

B) Orange Circus Peanut candies

C) Organs and appendages of animals (eg- kidney, tongue, liver)

Here are foods that, to me, are excuses to eat dipping sauces:

A) Chicken Tenders (in BBQ or Honey Mustard)

B) Carrots (in Ranch Dressing)

C) Other boring vegetables (eg- celery, broccoli, cauliflower) (in Ranch Dressing)

D) Apples (in caramel sauce)

E) Strawberries (in chocolate sauce)

F) Pita Bread (in Hummus)

G) Spring rolls (in some type of peanut sauce)

But seriously, do people really eat these foamy things?:

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