Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To The Chicago Cop Who Pulled Me Over Today For Running a Red Light On My Bike

Thanks for letting me go with just "a warning."


And sorry, I didn't immediately stop when I heard your sirens. Now I realize that you probably thought that maybe I was one of the many criminals or sexual predators on the loose in the neighborhood. In addition, with the influx of yuppies in said* neighborhood who "complain about bikers who don't follow signals," I agree that it is of utmost importance to appease said yuppies before doing something useful.

So, really, "thanks" again for not writing me a ticket.

Lesbian bikers are, like, such troublemakers.

*Does it bother anyone else when people say "said" [insert noun] when they could just as easily say "this" or "that" but they want to use "said" to sound lawyerly and smart.

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