Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Because Who Wants to be Turned Into a Toad?

Did you know that there is a "stunning phenomenon" of Americans who identify as "witches"?

Yeah, I already knew that too.

But WorldNutDaily is presenting such info as breaking news in its self-described "elite" monthly newsletter, Whistleblower.

What I find entertaining about the article, is that it raises several questions, (which seem more fitting for an audience of 10-year-olds, rather than adults, but I digress):

"What is witchcraft? Is it the same as Wicca? Is it a form of Satan worship, as critics allege? Or can witches be good? Can they really cast spells that somehow call forth the spirits beyond the world of nature to help them accomplish their will – whether good or evil? Is magic real? Why do witches often perform their ceremonies naked? And most of all, why do so many people today aspire to be witches?"

And proving the maxim that when some people tout "freedom of religion" they really only mean freedom to practice Christianity, WorldNut continues,

"Wicca is an official, legal religion in the U.S., and a fast-growing one at that. Judges have ruled that witches must be allowed to lead prayers at local government meetings, and that Wiccan convicts must be provided with requested "sacred objects" so they can perform spells in their cells. Witches in the armed services have even formed covens and routinely "worship" on U.S. military bases."

A true test of freedom of religion is whether you believe that religions other than your own deserve the same rights and protections as yours does. Anything less is religious intolerance.

Worldnut answers this "test" by asking,

"How did this happen – and why?"

This question assumes that the abovementioned religious/spiritual freedoms are a bad thing when applied to "Witchcraft," because, of course, "Witchcraft" is not Christianity. These are the same readers, after all, who by and large want "creation science" (ie- Christianity) taught in science class yet would surely throw a hissy fit if Wicca were taught in public schools.

Anyone else simply dying to find out how WorldNut distorts the truth and paints Wicca as the next great threat to Christianity, our nation, and civilzation as we know it?

(Oh wait, hasn't that already been done before?)

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Photobucket I bind you WorldNutDaily, from doing harm. Harm to other people, and harm to yourself.

I bind you, WorldNutDaily, from doing harm. Harm to other people, and harm to yourself.

I bind you....

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