Friday, February 22, 2008

Dad Jeans (TM)

Traveling on my recent vacation, and being around large numbers of people, I encountered a phenomenon that deserves mentioning.

But first, some background. Some of you are probably familiar with the Saturday Night Live fake commercial for "Mom Jeans." If not, watch the hilarious snippet found here first. Basically, the skit makes fun of the unflattering jeans that some moms wear. You know, really high-waisted jeans with "9-inch zippers," elastic waistbands, and of the light-colored denim variety.

That being said, on my recent journeys, I learned that men have their equivalent of unflattering jeans. I guess because I'm constantly around large numbers of well-dressed gay men, I forgot that their straight counterparts sometimes need a little more help in the fashion department. Now I, by no means, am a fashion expert. In fact, I'm probably the last person who should be making fun of what other people wear.

Yet, with the laudable goal and in the interest of gender equality I am inspired to post this article and accompanying picture:

Dad Jeans (TM) exist! And I found proof:

Dad Jeans

As I was writing this article, curiosity got the best of me and I eagerly googled "dad jeans" to see if anyone else had noted this phenomenon. One male fashion writer had, as he recounts in this hilarious article, where he provides a fitting definition:

"[T]he male version of the snug, extra-high-cut denim slacks Rachel Dratch immortalized in the Saturday Night Live commercial for "Mom Jeans" a few years ago. The wash? Wal-Mart blue. The crotch? The length of a baby's arm."


(Note the crotch-length in my above photo.)

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