Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You Must Be This Thin to Eat Here!

A Mississippi lawmaker has proposed a bill to prohibit Mississippi restaurants from serving fat* people.

Because, of course, what makes fat people fat is not overeating, slow metabolism, or being born with "big bones." Obesity, naturally, is caused by eating in restaurants.

While it's true that restaurants may contribute to our nation's current state of fatness, doesn't one's weight have more to do with portion control and making healthy food choices and less to do with where one eats?

I mean, let's just fall down the slippery slope and go ahead and ban fat people from eating at all! Because, you know, fat cells in humans are like water is to camels, right? And, if you have more fat cells in your body, you don't have to eat as often.

But seriously.

This is how some legislators try to "fix" things?

I really want to know what this legislator's reasoning process was in proposing this bill.

(The bill is not expected to pass).

*I use the word "fat" not out of disrespect, but because there's such thing as "National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance."

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