Friday, March 14, 2008

"Deep" Thought #5: Voting is a "Problem" in a Democratic Society!

Super-duper Christian man Jose Solano thinks it's a "problem" that non-religious people are allowed to vote in the US!

Of atheists and agnostics he says:

"Part of the problem of our democratic system is that such people are allowed to vote. They have a right to express their irrational “religious” views, atheistic or hedonistic, anarchistic or self-centered, etc., through the ballot."

Yes, it would definitely unhinge the moorings of our democratic society if all people regardless of religion were allowed to vote. Only Christians who hate gay people should be allowed to vote! Anything else would simply be fascist.

Oh wait. [Looking at gi-normous scarlet "A" on the right side of my blog]. Jose Solano thinks it's a problem that I am allowed to vote. Aw man. But I suppose we already knew that Solano doesn't care about pesky ideals like equal rights, didn't we? Maybe we should all just sacrifice our constitutional right to vote and put our confidence in Jose Solano to do the right thing for all of us. In Solano we Trust-o!

Now, don't be distracted by the invectives Solano spouts (calling his opposition "self-centered," "fickle," "whimsical," a "culture of death and depravity,") but somewhere in there Solano also states the oft-used "atheism is a religion" argument. Because I suppose by choosing not to play cards we are still playing the card game called "not playing cards."

I'll end on the absolute best part of Solano's mini-rant. This:

"We have extensive archives and we are willing to engage you in polite discussion."

Polite? So that's all settled then, (once you get past the being called "self-centered" etc. bit, of course).


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