Monday, November 10, 2008

"Deep" Thought #24: Well, At Least We're Nicer Than Muslim Extremists

Frankly, what follows is one of the most bizarre arguments against same-sex marriage and gay sex I've heard. And that says a lot, because we all know how bizarre the anti-gay teeth-gnashings can get.

For some background, I subscribe to daily emails from the rightwing hellmouth that is I think it's generally a good idea to stay abreast of the messages that those on the rightwing fringe are sending out to their readers. Prior to the election, these emails consisted of increasingly desperate and completely unhinged anti-Obama rantings. The one I received on Monday, November 3, 2008, the day before the election, for instance, included a link to the eerily-titled "Same-Sex Unions and Child Sacrifice."

The overarching premise of this piece seems to be something along the lines of how Barack Obama's policies "are at odds with the 4,000-year-old, Judeo-Christian view" and, instead, reflect "paganism." Obama's policies supposedly reflect "paganism" because, among other things, he supports rights for same-sex couples and does not want to criminalize homosexuality.

This piece takes a bizarre turn (you know, because none of that "pagan" stuff was bizarre) by going on to make the argument that by accepting homosexuality, we would really piss off Teh Muslims:

"Full embrace of homosexual unions by our nation and the next administration would tell violent Islamists that the infidel USA has expressly rejected once-shared Abrahamic, Mosaic and Christian teaching regarding 'sodomy.'....We advocate 'love the sinner, hate the sin'; militant Islamists would murder our fellow Americans for sexual error, as well as us for offering them hope and forgiveness!"

In other words, world peace and the safety of our nation from terrorists depends on denying gay people equal rights.


First off, let's note how sad it is that these folks are now resorting to justifying their anti-gay intolerance by comparing themselves to militant Islamists and concluding that Christianists are way nicer to gay people. Is it really all that resounding a character endorsement to say that you're better than extremists who commit gross violations of human rights like, you know, accusing raped 13-year old girls of "adultery" and then stoning them to death? Are these really the barbaric standards we're measuring our behavior by these days? Do Christianists think that if they remind us of how scary and bad Teh Muslims are, we're all going to think it's okay for Christianists to promote anti-gay policies because "Well, at least they don't want to murder us like Teh Muslims do."

What is quite scary is that they actually justify their anti-gay intolerance by framing it as protection. In their view, they are only denying us rights for our own good- so Teh Muslims won't come here and murder us. By insisting on equal rights, you see, we gays are endangering ourselves, our country, and the entire Christian world.

And, of course, in the eyes of these extreme Christianists, we should thank them for their oppression. For, notice that last bit- that final sentence that says in addition to murdering gay people, "militant Islamists would murder... [Christians] for offering [gay people] hope and forgiveness!" How big of these Christians to risk their own lives by hoping gay people will just pray away the gay and by "forgiving" gay people when they remain gay.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

This whole bigotry-masquerading-as-protectionism is so warped. In spite of the fact that some Christians want nothing more than for gay people to no longer exist, I don't believe for one second that they promote anti-gay laws in order to protect us all from Muslim extremists. I think they are using the spectre of another terrorist attack, reprehensibly, to continue promoting and justifying anti-gay policies and perpetuating their own extremist religion. Because, let's face it. Saying that you're less extreme and more loving than radical Islam isn't exactly saying a whole lot.


Yeah, Christians should get to continue oppressing gay people because they do so in a "loving" Judeo-Christian way as opposed to the scary hateful way Muslims oppress gays. "Deep" thoughts.

You know what, I have a better idea. How about extremist Muslims and Christians start using their religions to transcend their bigotry, rather than to justify it.

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