Friday, November 14, 2008

Join the Impact- Protests Against Prop 8

Tomorrow, as is my constitutional right, I will be taking part in the Join the Impact protests in solidarity with my LGBT brothers, sisters, and allies.

Many anti-gays are very upset by these protests and are calling us "sore losers," "spoiled children," and "homofascists." What they fail to understand is that (a) name-calling is so 3rd-grade, and (b) although they took away our right to marry in California, they did not take away our rights to free speech and assembly.

These protests may not get us victory overnight, but I do share Pam Spaulding's view that "The path to equality is activate, demonstrate, and legislate. We need all three, all are equally important."

What is remarkable about this massive, nation-wide protest is that it has been based in grassroots, social network activism independent of major LGBT organizations like the Human Rights Campaign. I have been seeing sentiment around the LGBT blogosphere that HRC is, for the most part, irrelevant and out-of-touch. I don't know if I'd go that far, but it's a major PR problem suggesting they're not doing something right when that's how many in the LGBT community view the organization.

Anyway, if you have access to cheap printing and feel activist-y, here is a link to the Join the Impact fliers for you to pass out, hang up in the neighborhood, or put up on your refrigerator. At this site, there are fliers for many different cities, as well as a "generic" one that you can fill in for your city if it's not up there.


Happy (and peaceful) protesting!

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