Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Random Fun!

Sometimes, I think celebrities should just stick to what they do best and not try to get all political. Kelly Clarkson, for instance, recently made an unfortunate statement about feminism and succeeded mostly in displaying her ignorance.

Via feministing, observe Clarkson knock feminism for being outdated and unnecessary while simultaneously lamenting that the record industry is a boys' club straight from "the 1950s."

And in case anyone is wondering, even when celebrities hold positions on issues that are similar to mine, it still rankles me when they say asinine, ignorant things about these issues. My annoyance at ignorant celebrities with megaphones traverses all political affiliations.

In other news, I confessed to a deep, dark secret over at a Grace the Spot. Check it out, if you're nosy.

Also, it's time for the annual Lesbian Lifestyle Lezzy Blog Awards so if you feel inclined, please nominate Grace the Spot for Best Culture/Entertainment Blog, Best Humor Blog, and/or Blog of the Year. I would also be honored if you nominated Fannie's Room for Best Feminism/Political Blog, but I know my humble little blog can't really compete with some of the large feminist behemoths. ;-)

Third, do you ever just need a little unicorn and rainbow in your life? I sure do. Go to and get some. For an example of unicorn fun, look in the righthand corner of Fannie's Room and click on the little rectangular "cornify" button. Keep clicking it. Fun times.

Lastly, and thanks to Personal Failure for reminding me of this, I've been thinking about it and I've decided that the name of David Benkof's blog, GaysDefendMarriage, is a misnomer. Not only is David the only gay person to contribute "marriage defense" articles to his blog, I have yet to see even a single gay commenter agree with him that marriage should only be between one man and one woman. Hence, a more accurate title would be GayDefendsMarriage.

Yeah, it's nit-picky. We have corresponded several times, and I've come to like David. But the thing is, his blog moistens the panties of many heterosexual "marriage defenders" sometimes because they believe that there is some sort of large cohort of Gays Defending Marriage. Perhaps David is trying to build such a community, but as it currently stands, the name is plainly inaccurate.

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