Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cub Fans Are Bad Like How Gay People Are Bad!

Hey guess what? While we were celebrating GayPride this past weekend, some Chicago White Sox fans were making fun of gay people (and Cubs fans)! Continuing that asinine tradition of creating offensive sports t-shirts, the following shirt has become quite popular among White Sox fans:


For my non-sports fan readers, this t-shirt is referring to the fact that the White Sox won the World Series in 2005, the Cubs last won it like a hundred years ago, and thus the only parade Cub fans get is the annual gay pride parade which takes place near Wrigley Field. It's funny, you know, because the Cubs are bad and ridiculous sort of like how gay people are bad and ridiculous. Ha ha, get it?

Even though I've been involved in athletics my entire life, I've never really identified with Rabid Sports Fans who wrap their very identities into the successes and failures of their beloved professional/collegiate sports team. Needless to say, I find Chicago's whole Cubs v. Sox rivalry to be rather silly. Professional sports, with their attendant specialty magazines, television stations, and ridiculous fan gear, are soap operas for men. They serve as an outlet for men to vent their need for personal dramatics in a way that is macho and, thus, socially acceptable.

Homophobia is pervasive in the sporting world, and this is especially true within male athletics. It is a culture of immature hyper-masculinity wherein the worst possible insult for a male athlete is to be woman-like or, similarly, faggy. This asinine shirt is one of the many ways, albeit a small one, that Real Men (tm) raise their legs, take a piss, and mark the World of Sports as their own.

I honestly don't know what's more pathetic. Grown-ups who play "let's pretend" by wearing mock jerseys to sporting events or those who still think gay is an automatic insult.

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