Friday, July 10, 2009

Deep Thoughts: Fun With Old Journal Entries

Sometimes, a blogmistressix should keep things light. After long strings of critical posts, sometimes it is necessary to peruse old journal entries and post random tidbits that you may (or may not) find entertaining:

1) In April 2007, I expressed an unusually strong dislike for the word, in either verb or noun form, "upchuck."

2) In June 2007, I had this conversation and thought it was funny enough to write down:

Coworker: Where do lesbians go online?

Me: Some go to It's alright, there are photos of events and stuff. Oh, and there's a rants 'n raves section.


Coworker: Are there any raves?

3) I once made a list of words that sound dirty but aren't. Want to hear them? Okay:







4) Approximately 3.5 years ago, I picked up my friend, and occasional Fannie's Room commenter, Jane Know from a bar. She was drunk, I was sober, and it was snowy and icy outside. She fell exactly 4 times: once when she stepped out of the bar, once when we almost got to the car, once after she stepped out of the car at home, and another time whilst walking up the slanted driveway, at which point she just gave up and started walking around in circles while lying on the ground like the second-hand of a clock. When I was laughing, a little bit of pee came out (literally).

Aren't you so glad you read my blog today? Deep thoughts.

Also, I am probably older than you think I am, were you to base your estimates of my age on this post.

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