Monday, August 31, 2009

Girl on Girl Action For the Male Gaze!

I came across this video via Womanist Musings. While many heterosexual men are Repulsed and Sickened by the thought of two men having sex and/or expressing love for each other, many are nonetheless aroused by the very thought of two women doing whatever two women do together in bed.

As long as they get to be in on the fun, that is!

For, it is a universally-acknowledged axiom that the average heterosexual man's acceptance of two women kissing is directly proportional to the femme-ness of the women involved and inversely related to their actual lesbian orientation. That is, in order to be acceptably lesbian, they have to be hawt and, because he has to have a chance with them, they cannot be actual lesbians who actually only want to kiss, fondle, and have sex with each other.

TV marketers know this. And so, just because there probably are just not enough images of heterosexual women for straight men to enjoy, media representations of "lesbians" or "women-lovin'-women" are, also, mostly created for the hetero male gaze as opposed to those of us who are practically starved for characters who speak to our lives and experiences.

Seriously. Watch:

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