Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Quote of the Day

Via Josh Marshall at TPM:
"Trump didn't so much debate in the Republican primaries as use them with some skill to enact a series of dominance rituals at the expense of his opponents. Indeed, this is the key to understanding virtually everything Trump does. Whatever is actually happening he tries to refashion it into a dominance ritual or at least will not engage before performing one. You saw that in those numerous examples where he said he would participate in a debate but only after the other party wrote a major check to charity. It's primal. He needs to dominate before he will engage."
If you thought Bernie Sanders and some of his fans couldn't handle losing to a woman (and they couldn't), the Donald Trump type of man-baby wanna-be-alpha will be worse.

In fact, with Trump having now attacked women, immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, a deceased veteran's family, a deceased veteran, a retired general, a baby, a baby's mother, and a handful of Republican men, it seems the people left supporting Trump will disproportionately be cowardly, angry white people who find such attacks satisfying primarily because they themselves are not (yet) targets. Trump gives voice and validation to their fears and bigotries.

Trump is not a person who apologizes, even as women and others have publicly apologized to him at times. That, too, is an expression of what he thinks of as "dominance," but in really is just called "being a shitbag person."

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