Friday, February 9, 2018

Quote of the Day: The Tone From the Top

Dahlia Lithwick on Rob Porter, White House staff secretary and the latest powerful man revealed to be an abuser:
"Taken together, all the grown-ups in the room protected, privileged, and covered for Rob Porter despite everything they knew about his pattern of abuse, because his career was important to them. Even well-educated, high-status, articulate white women who were lawfully married to Porter didn’t matter enough to be taken seriously. 

Please stop asking why women don’t come forward. These women did. They believed that once the police, the FBI, the White House, and John Kelly knew what they knew, Porter would stop ascending in their ranks. They were wrong. 

Rob Porter’s father wrote eloquently about the presidency and 'a tone from the top.' The tone from the top of the Trump administration has unerringly been that women are to be cherished and protected right up until the moment they stop being docile and decorative, and then they are to be dismissed and humiliated. Rob Porter’s defenders knew everything they needed to know. They did nothing because he was visible to them and his accusers were nothing. But the tone comes from the top, and nobody should be even a bit surprised"
In case anyone has yet to connect the dots from the past year or so: Donald Trump is a misogynist who surrounds himself with other misogynists and he was supported by millions of Americans who are also misogynists who wanted to see a powerful woman humiliated when for daring to compete with a man for the same job.

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