Tuesday, March 6, 2018

TV Corner: Everything Sucks! (and I Don't Care About McQuaid)

Over at Shakesville, I have shared a critique of Netflix original Everything Sucks!  

Specifically, I have strong opinions about male nerd intrusions during a specifically queer moment. Spoilers abound in the snippet below:

"Immediately after Kate and Emaline share their first kiss, the camera perspective widens and we see McQuaid storm into the auditorium. The camera then focuses on him watching the girls, while his face is fixed in agony over being confronted with the reality that Emaline is kissing someone else. After several seconds, he goes into the hallway, and we go with him, and he slumps back against a locker as if in visceral pain.

So, in what should be a triumphant moment for Kate, Emaline, and their respective self-discoveries, we are instead left watching a tangential heterosexual male nerd experience angst about what he has just watched the female characters do. We are implicitly invited to empathize with McQuaid.

It is a profoundly befuddling choice, although not surprising."
 Read the whole thing!

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