Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Manhattan Declaration Signees Go After Lawmakers

Not too long ago, we saw how the group of Christian heterosexual (mostly) males got together to create the Manhattan Declaration Mansplanation, whereby we were all informed that it is "god's" ultimate truth that abortion and same-sex marriage are wrong.

Because really, is there anything more appropriate and resonating in this world than a group of straight men totally blaming same-sex marriage and abortion for all of the world's social ills? Perhaps imbued as they are with the powers of manly, Christian objectivity and truth, they're just telling it like it is. And also, they might have mentioned a few times how so very awesome and brave they are for cheaply opposing issues that uniquely affect the rights of women and LGBT people.

Nonetheless, buzz surrounding this declaration seemed to die down rather quickly, and I can't say I was sad about that. I thought, heck, maybe they had finally come to their senses and started pointing their long fingers back at themselves and begun contemplating their complicity in the oppression of (at least) half the human population. But alas, no such luck. Everything's still going to hell in a handbasket, they tell us, and only they can heroically lead us on a different course, by denying women and LGBT people rights of course!

In fact, church leaders in Kentucky are now demanding their state lawmakers to respond to and sign the declaration:

[Herschel] York [a Kentucky pastor] urged all who were present—lawmakers especially—to sign a notebook affirming a 'Kentucky Statement of Solidarity' in accordance with the Manhattan Declaration.

It called on signatories to unite with 'like-minded Christians throughout the United States and the Commonwealth of Kentucky in proclaiming our dedication to values that cannot be violated without dire consequences to our society.'"

That "our society" in the last sentence is interesting, isn't it? Clearly, it's their society and everyone else is just living in it, fucking it up with our false and immoral ways. That's not to say that same-sex marriage and abortion rights won't and don't have "consequences" to the Manhattan Declaration signees' patriarchy-loving society, it's just that these consequences are only "dire" with respect to that old-fashioned notion of male superiority and primacy in the world.

In an utterly frightening authoritarian statement, state Senator Katie Stine (R) echoed the sentiment that these conservative Christians are privy to the One And Only True truth and that our laws should reflect that truth:

"We must stand for truth and liberty, recognizing that our fundamental rights are given to us not by government, but by God."

Looks like somebody's trying to establish a religion. Or, rather two religions. Conservative Christianity and, given which classes of persons this sect mandates we worship, the ideology of male supremacy. And really, is there a difference?

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