Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

[This post is my contribution to the Blogblast for Peace Day. Cross-posted at Our Big Gayborhood.]

To me, peace means being assertive, that delicate balance between aggression and passivity. It means defending a violent person's encroachment upon our human dignity in a way that causes the least physical, verbal, or emotional harm to the violent person. It means making concessions and genuine apologies when warranted and accepting them when sincerely offered. Peace means being aware of when I am angry, sad, or in pain and trying to transform that energy into something positive and productive.

Peace means trying to live according to these principles and being aware of when I do not live up to them. It means knowing that the opportunity for peace is in very step. And sometimes, the most peaceful gift we can give ourselves is walking away.

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