Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sarah Paulson Did Something Incredible

At the Emmys. Aside from winning one, I mean, which she did for her portrayal of Marcia Clark in The People v. O.J. Simpson.

She stood up in front of the world on a very large platform and apologized for a wrong that the media, and an unquestioning audience (herself included), had committed via its cheap portrayal of a woman once very prominently in the public eye.  She said:
"The responsibility of playing a real person is an enormous one. You want to get it right, not for you, but for them. The more I learned about the real Marcia Clark, not the two-dimensional cut-out I saw in the news, but the complicated, whip-smart, mother of two who woke up every day, put both feet on the floor and dedicated herself to writing an unconscionable wrong, the loss of two innocents, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown, I had to recognize that I, along with the rest of the world, had been superficial and careless in my judgment. And I am glad to be able to stand here today in front of everyone and tell you I'm sorry."
I hope that this moment was validating for Marcia Clark (she attended the Emmys as Paulson's "plus one").

AND ALSO, I hope we may all be so lucky as to have someone in our lives who celebrates our successes the way Holland Taylor celebrates Sarah Paulson's:

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