Friday, March 24, 2017

Femslash Friday: Mean Girls Edition

In more than a decade of watching Mean Girls, I never shipped Cady and Janis (I know, can you believe it?), but then, there's this fan video/mock trailer and everything has changed. 


PS - I've come to accept that as I get older I sympathize more and more with Ms. Norbury (Tina Fey) far more than any of the main characters.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

His Extremely Presidential Voice

I will never forget that, at 70 years of age, misogyny and imagined male supremacy are inextricably embedded within the fabric of Donald Trump's deplorable personality.  I have a short piece about this, a reminder of sorts, over at Shakesville today.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 2.2 "The Last Children of Krypton"

So, Superman decides to stick around National City for awhile and, lez be honest, he makes a pretty good wingman.

We're treated to an early-episode montage of the Supers teaming up to put out fires and stop robbers whilst engaging in witty banter. At one point, Superman tells a stunned bad guy, "I'm with her," and points to Supergirl. *wink wink*  Aren't we all, here in Fannie's Room?

In CatCo news, Kara is now a reporter and her new boss is a grumpy-ass dude named Snapper who bestows upon Kara the nickname "Ponytail."  I don't like where I think this is going. AND BY THAT I MEAN: *deep breaths, deep breaths* Cat is going on leave from CatCo (and, hence, the show) because "there are new seas to conquer." More on that later. Chop chop.

The villain of the week is Metallo, a guy who Cadmus revived specifically to kill the Supers. He can shoot kryptonite out of his chest. So, when the Supers get into an initial altercation with him, they almost die, resulting in this famous shot (which is a shout-out to Supergirl's DC comic book death):

Thankfully, our Supergirl doesn't die.

At the DEO, the Supers learn that a shipment of kryptonite had gone missing months ago. This predicament gets right to J'onn and Superman's ongoing argument about whether the DEO should stockpile kryptonite. But, they decide to put their differences aside to try to defeat Metallo together because, well, you know the drill: El marayah.

Kara learns that Clark will be going home to Metropolis soon and is upset about it. Here is my paraphrase of Kara telling Alex about it:
Kara: Clark is leaving soon. I thought I'd move to Metropolis so I could be near him.
Alex: Wut? Oh hell no you're not.
Kara: But-
Alex: Nope! Drop it, Ponytail.
Anyway, by this time there's another Metallo guy. (*shrug* Cadmus is evil blah blah blah I'm just here for the flying and subtext). Winn makes the Supers some shields that deflect kryptonite and then the Supers team up with J'onn and Alex to defeat the Metallos. Worth mentioning about this scene: Alex found an upgrade pack somewhere:

After that battle, Supergirl and Cat say their goodbyes. Sigh. Who among us hasn't been a queen-of-all-media power lesbian saying goodbye to her beautiful superhero secret lover?

To end, J'onn lets Superman dispose of the last remaining kryptonite on Earth and Superman goes back to Metropolis. I guess I'm gonna miss the guy. And so is Winn. Winn definitely wants to be Superman's boyfriend.

Deep Thought of the Week -  Re: My feelings on Cat's "leave of absence" from CatCo, please see this fan video, starting at 1:23.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Femslash Friday: Buffy Edition

You might have heard that the 20th anniversary of the airing of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot was last week.

First, how has it been 20 years already?

Secondly, BtVS remains one of the shows that serves as my point of reference for other TV shows (the other being Xena, obvs). By that I mean, once the baseline of "Does it pass The Bechdel Test?" is established, I consider: what kind of relationships exist among the characters, how do the women relate to one another (primarily as rivals or allies?), how do men relate to and respect (or not) women, are there queer relationships and/or subtext potential, is the dialogue smart and quirky?

But also, BtVS was very white. And, even Willow and Tara seemed to exist as queer islands in a sea of heterosexuality, which is true of  many queer TV characters in general who seem to exist completely disconnected from other LGBT people. If the show is re-booted, I hope a more diverse ensemble is included.

Oh, and also, I've watched the series several times through. I know some folks say that the show is timeless, and perhaps it is in a sense. But, with each viewing, I've felt further removed from the high school, and then college, realities of the characters. If there's a re-boot, maybe the Scoobies could be middle-aged versions of themselves (+Tara).

And yet. Here are the episodes I often return to: "Halloween," "The Wish," "Doppelgangland," "Fear, Itself," "Hush," "Restless," "The Gift," "Once More, With Feeling."  I don't remember much of Season 7, honestly. After "Seeing Red," things get blurry for me.


Fan vid of the week. Willow Rosenberg doing her veiny-dark-Willow-hiding-underneath-a-thick-veneer-of-adorkableness thing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 2.1 "The Adventures of Supergirl"

Season Two begins with a couple of changes. First, the DEO has moved to the city from the desert. Second, a pod like the one Kara arrived in has landed on Earth, and it has a man inside.

Well, okay then.

More importantly, the writing team spends little time dropping the first glorious nugget of SuperCat Subtext. Cat has offered Kara the promotion of her choice for being such a capable assistant. Here's how their first interaction of the season goes:
Kara: What job do I want? Well, I don't know, I haven't really decided yet.
Cat: Why not?
Kara: Well, it's only been twelve hours since you asked me to choose a new position and for most of those hours I was asleep.
Cat: Really? I offer you the keys to the kingdom and you just.... go to sleep?
Okay, that might be a reach. But, I contend not. Also, you've been previously warned that reading subtext into everything is my one and only superhero skill.

Anyway, Kara clearly hasn't put much thought into what sort of promotion she wants and Cat gives her some mentoring advice about how she really needs to look inward and figure out what she wants to do with her life.

In maintext romance news, Kara is finally having a date with James. He brings pizza and potstickers over to her place. (A man after my own heart). But, right as the date begins, they are watching TV and see that a commercial space shuttle is crashing to the Earth. Naturally, Supergirl swings into action:

Ahhh, it's good to have you back in action, Supergirl.

But wait! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Tyler Hoechlin, already looking like a solid Clark Kent:

Clark changes into his Superman outfit and both Supers then work together to help guide the space shuttle safely to Earth.

Small detail: During the Season One finale, Supergirl was able to carry the entire Fort Rozz prison into outer space. She probs could have handled this space shuttle on her own.

But whatever. Anyway, Supergirl brings Superman to the DEO and everyone sort of fangeeks out. Especially Winn, who apparently is crushing hard on the guy.

Humina humina humina
Hank, however, does not seem impressed. It sounds like there's a backstory there. Cat also meets Clark and she briefly and  not-very-subtly makes it known that the notion of a threeway with Superman and Clark pleases her.

In weekly villain news, the gang then comes to believe that the Luthors may have been behind the shuttle explosion. Kara and Clark go to Luthor Corp to interview Lena, who is a new character this season and Lex Luthor's sister. She tells them that, with Lex finally in prison, she's just an innocent woman trying to transform the Luthor company into a force for good in the world. Clark doesn't believe her, but Kara sort of does. Hmmmm.

However, Winn figures out that Lena wasn't responsible for the explosion. And, she's actually in peril. So, Lena was telling the truth. For now. Never trust a Luthor?

Back at the DEO, Alex has figured out the tension between Hank and Superman. It's due to an ongoing debate the two aliens have about whether or not kryptonite should be stored or destroyed. Superman believes it should be destroyed since it can kill himself and Supergirl, but Hank thinks they should keep it for defensive reasons.

Kara also breaks up with James before they ever finish a first date. I feel bad for them. But, it's also sort of okay with me, because there's a new sheriff in town.


I look forward to seeing whether Ms. Luthor is one day granted the keys to the kingdom. And by that I mean I will 100% read subtext into her and Kara's every interaction no matter how mundane.

To end, Kara finally figures out that she wants to be a reporter, which makes Cat beam with pride. And, Winn begins working at the DEO as a computer expert (or something?).

Deep Thought of the Week: I had heard Superman was coming to Supergirl and have to admit to an initial skepticism. Is the idea that a show about a female superhero needs to be bolstered with the addition of a male superhero? Initially, Hoechlin's Superman is kind, humble-seeming, and respectful of Supergirl, so my first impression is to like him. We will see where the partnership goes.