Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To Think That It All Started

When a boy didn't want to take his diarrhea medicine.  Via Buzzfeed:
"Men’s rights activists often cite the first time they realized it’s a woman’s world. They call these 'red pill' moments, after the scene in The Matrix when the main character is faced with the decision to swallow a red pill and recognize the true nature of the world or take a blue pill and continue living a lie For Elam, that revelation came at age 13, when his mother tried to force him to take his diarrhea medicine."
The article doesn't include some of Paul's most infamous words of "wisdom" regarding women, but to recap, in the past he's said that the last two generations of women are:
"shallow, self-serving wastes of human existence—parasites—semi-human black holes that suck resources and goodwill out of men and squander them on the mindless pursuit of vanity."
So it will surprise you greatly that the referenced Buzzfeed presents Elam has having quite the troubled past with women in his life.