Saturday, September 15, 2007

Southwest Airline Booby Cover-Ups

Shouldn't they be more worried about screening potential terrorists wielding box cutters and shoe bombs than screening pretty women wielding breasts and sexy outfits?

How dare these women leave their houses with their breasts in tow!!

But seriously, I do think this whole thing is so Puritan and boring- just as the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction was. Was it really so very damaging to our pure innocent eyes to see Ms. Jackson's breast for a millisecond? Was it so damaging to little kids who may or may not have just finished breastfeeding, but who surely had seen other breast-images elsewhere? And, is the female breast inherently that profaine that we are still talking about the incident?


But whatever the case, I'm sure the always-threatened "traditional family" is bound to suffer harm from the incident in some way.

On a sort-of unrelated and random airplane note, what is so fascinating about the "mile-high club"? I feel like people who have sex in airplane bathrooms do it to more to say they have done it, and not because it is particularly titillating.

Just sayin.

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