Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Fun News!

1. My Goddess Forgives Your God

I first saw this on Good-As-You and had to share it. This website lets you make your very own Westboro Baptist Church sign:



2. The Elephants Missing From the Room

In giving her rundown of the 2nd presidential debate, ProfessorWhatIf provides an anecdote from the mouths of babes. While watching the debate, her 9-year-old daughter asked:

"When does McKinney ever get to make a speech?"

(Ignoring the fact that at 9-years-old, my little mullet-headed self was too busy playing GI Joes or kickball to concern herself with the intricacies of our faulty 2-party-system) As adults, I think we sometimes get so used to political circumstances that they became invisible to us. How many of us watching the debate were thinking about why 3rd party candidates are systematically excluded from presidential debates? Factually, we know that 3rd-party candidates like Cynthia McKinney are also running. But, perhaps like many Americans, I am so resigned to the reality of the Democrat/Republican binary that I've ceased even questioning it.

Is it something that you all thought about during the debates or during this election cycle?

3. Male Seat Hogs

Any woman who rides public transportation will definitely want to read this woman's vision of a utopia in which men won't insist on sitting with their legs wide open and overflowing onto your seat!

Frankly, it's always nice to know you're not alone in noticing and being annoyed by this.

4. Dogs v. Cats, Revisited

Sometimes, when I do stretches on my yoga mat, White Dog walks across the mat. And by "walks across the mat" I mean that he thinks it's okay to do the dog butt-scoot across my mat while I'm, like, in the middle of Greeting the Day. A cat would not do this. This brings my running tally to:

Dogs 2, Cats 5.

And then another time, after it rained, Brown Dog found a giant worm lying helplessly on the sidewalk. He immediately gobbled it up. A cat would not do this. A cat would pick it up in its mouth, bring it back inside, bat it around for awhile, tear it apart, and then leave a gross mess of worm parts all over your floor.

Dogs 3, Cats 5.

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