Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Audacity of the Homo-Bigot

Newsweek ran a recent article reporting that support for gay marriage has grown over the years.

This isn't really "news" to people paying attention to these things.

The only part of its findings that completely baffles me is that "seventy-four percent back inheritance rights for gay domestic partners." What I'm left wondering is who are the power-trippy 26% of Americans who think they should have a say in who I choose to leave my personal property to?

I think these people are confused. Specifically, their rights end where mine begin. The right that someone else has to think homosexuality is wrong ends at my right to dispose of my property, via will, to my lesbian lover.

It would be interesting to know whether these same folks are Republicans or Libertarians who, ironically, want the government out of their own lives.

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