Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catholic Church Envisions "New Feminism"

That paragon of feminism that is the Catholic Church has recently called for a "new feminism" which seeks to promote human rights. Such an aim, of course, is nothing new for what could be thought of as "old feminism" (whatever that is), but I applaud the Catholic Church's sentiment. It's refreshing to see the patriarchs recognize the important role that uterus-humans can play in promoting human rights.

According to the linked article, the Catholic Church's so-called "new feminism" aims to be motivated by "love," "hope," and a "spirit of joy." Unfortunately, this Very Important Womanly Role essentially involves protecting the rights of fetuses:

"The pope said that suppressing, manipulating or compromising human life -- especially in its most vulnerable stages -- must be 'decried as a violation of human rights.'"

Upon reading this, is anyone else reminded of that saying about pigs and lipstick? It sure looks like the Catholic Church is taking an old policy of men telling women what to do with their bodies and trying to re-brand it as something "new." Yet, there really is nothing new about the Catholic Church promoting an anti-choice ideology.

Anyway, in a great irony, a spokesewoman continued:

"Today's generation can spark a new liberation movement so that no one -- born or unborn -- is discriminated against and so that there would be equal opportunity for everyone...." [emphasis added]

What a laudable goal. The Catholic Church certainly has its work cut out for "herself," doesn't "she"? Hopefully, the church will direct some of these newfangled feminist ideas inward towards the men in charge, rather than just outward, at women.

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