Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sex With Ducks

I used to wonder why some people automatically equate same-sex relationships with having sex with little kids, animals, and amputated limbs. Now I understand that many of these folks, imbued as they are with notions of heterosexual superiority, are utterly incapable of making important distinctions. To me, my multi-faceted relationship with my consenting adult girlfriend is pretty similar to my neighbor's multi-faceted relationship with his consenting adult girlfriend. To some, my relationship with my girlfriend is not heterosexual, and therefore, just like having sex with ducks.

Yep, Pat Robertson really did slide down that slope recently while arguing against hate crimes legislation including sexual orientation. That argument, in the year 2009.

I think that, many times, homophobes automatically discredit themselves and are undeserving of being taken seriously. They should only be taken seriously when their lies and outrageousness are capable of influencing millions of people as demonstrated by their recent Pedophile Protection Act propaganda.

Other times, you have to stop, laugh, and ridicule people for presenting homosexuality is just like duck-fucking as a legitimate Other Side to any debate.

This is one of those times:

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