Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Fun- Ellen To Host American Idol

Perhaps you've already heard that Ellen DeGeneres has joined American Idol as the fourth judge.

Ooh, let me be the first to predict all hell breaking loose when she asks an unlucky, inarticulate, and perhaps beautiful contestant's thoughts on marriage only to have that contestant oppose marriage equality, subsequently lose Idol, score a book deal, nab speaking engagements, and become living "proof" as to how The Powerful Gays Ruin Everything And Pretty Much Suck At Life.

But seriously, I'm happy for Ellen. To brag, I had the fortune of attending a live taping of her very successful show in LA. Once I got over the fear of getting "called on" (which sometimes happens during live audience thingies), it was a really enjoyable experience. I think Ellen is witty, friendly, and incredibly funny. And more than that, I appreciate that she doesn't have to be negative and put other people down in order to be successful. I don't watch American Idol, but I suspect she'll be a nice counter-balance to Simon Cowell's Debbie Downer-itis.

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