Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Reading

The latest Carnival of Feminists is up over at Beauty Schooled. Check it out for some good reads on beauty, from feminist perspectives. Although not beauty-related, my post on "The Oppressed Gay Male Oppressor" was featured.

Over at Feministe, Thomas wrote a long, very well-done post on the Predator Theory:

"Though the stranger rape remains entrenched as the paradigm of 'real' rape, of rape that is recognized as such, it is not actually the norm. As most readers of feminist blogs know, acquaintance rapes are by far the more prevalent....Predator Theory is the theory that acquaintance rape as we know it is overwhelmingly caused by a relatively narrow portion of recidivist undetected rapists in the population, each of whom will have several victims, and that these rapists select targets based on the likelihood that they can rape without meaningful consequence, and favor alcohol and avoid overt force as tools to defeat resistance for just this reason."

Feel free to drop other links of interesting reads. Unlike in the real world, ladies who self-promote are not self-aggrandizing bitchez here in Fannie's Room.

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