Friday, September 10, 2010

End Not Near In Post-Same-Sex-Marriage Iowa

I am not going to suggest that the correlation in the following bit of evidence implies causation. I post the following because as actual evidence it automatically trumps the anti-gay "same-sex marriage is a bad idea for society because I say so" argumentation that some of those who oppose same-sex marriage arrogantly use:

"The angst over marriage in Iowa comes after year in which the state of marriage has made a turn toward statistical bliss: More people got married and fewer split up [after same-sex marriage became legal].
Divorces declined to 7,286, the lowest per capita level since 1968, according to 2009 provisional and historical data from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The health department's statistics also suggest gay marriage is not a trend on the fringe. Of the 19,204 couples who bought licenses to marry during the year ending March 31, one out of 10 were gay. In Pottawattamie and Johnson counties, the ratio was one out four. The marriages occurred in 21 of Iowa's 99 counties."

Wait, let me predict an anti-gay response:

These real numbers that occur in the real world defy common sense and are therefore not really real!

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