Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Listening to MRAs talking about feminism is a bit like sitting in on a book club in which no one has read the book." -David Futrelle

Oh, come on now, David. 
It's not that they haven't read... something. It's that they're basically the only ones still poring over and parroting selected quotes from The SCUM Manifesto and The Women's Room, neither of which they've actually read in their entirety, and pretending that these two books represent today's Feminist Canon.

I see this MRA ignorance repeatedly.

Aside from their aggression and entitlement, the biggest failing of the MRA movement in particular, and so many anti-feminist personalities in general, isn't that they disagree with feminism. It's that they don't even know feminism well enough to render informed, thoughtful critiques of it.

Which is why the mental image that comes to my mind whenever I hear "MRA" is always a picture of a toddler closing his eyes, putting his head down, and windmilling his arms through a crowd of grown-ups in order to show everyone how very angry he is.

He just doesn't have the tools, discipline, or know-how to engage his strong feeeeeelings in a more civilized, productive manner.

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