Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Pride Weekend

It's Pride Week where I live and, quite frankly, I've had little desire to talk about, read, or interact with bigots on Internet this week. That, for me, is pretty much what every other week of the year is for (ie- Heteronormative Pride, ya'll!!)


Anyway, my favorite parts of the Pride Parade, besides the dykes on bikes (no doy) and the Gay Men Prancing About (because what else do gay guys do in the bigot's uninspired imagination?) are PFLAG and the ex-homophobe Christians who wear those shirts that say "I'm sorry" for the abuse they used to inflict upon LGBT people.

The latter two groups represent, to me, an important essence of what pride is about: convincing people who are not LGBT that we are worth defending, respecting, supporting, and loving.

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