Monday, July 2, 2012

Scholars Critique Regnerus Study

A group of 200 scholars has signed a critique of the Mark Regnerus New Family Structure Study.

If you remember, this study used a sketchy method for categorizing parents as "gay" and "lesbian," and households as "same-sex households." Rather than asking respondents if they were raised by two parents of the same sex, the study asked respondents if one of their parents had ever had a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex while the respondent was under the age of 18 and living with the parent. Incredibly, regardless of the duration or commitment-level of the parents' same-sex relationship, those who responded yes were categorized as having been raised in a same-sex household by gay or lesbian parents.

The above-cited statement signed by scholars makes note of this methodology in addition to several other substantive critiques.

If you follow the link to Family Scholars Blog, where Barry Deutsch posted about the critique, you will notice that Maggie Gallagher has shown up in the comment section with a very problematic interpretation of the statement.

Rather than addressing the merits or substance of the critique, she simply asks "Why the attacks?" while also suggesting that the critique was motivated by ideology rather than for a sincere concern about the scientific merits of the study.

It's really unfortunate, but sadly characteristic, that her comment fails to seriously engage the very legitimate critiques that folks have made about the Regnerus study, instead appearing to choose to engage in the propagandistic meme that "marriage defenders" are being forever victimized by the mean, defamatory, bullying same-sex marriage advocates.

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