Monday, September 17, 2012

Tales From Matriarchy

I continue to be amused by those who simultaneously disbelieve in the notion of patriarchy while simultaneously promoting its inverse: an all-powerful matriarchy in which the "typical man" is forced*  to work 12-hour days, to fight in wars, to die to protect women, and to turn over "90%" of his earnings to the lady people?

*"Forced" by who? Forced by what? To the typical believer in the matriarchy, who knows? Who cares? What's clear is that it's Very Important for many Angry-Wronged Dudes who point out the various ways in which Bad Stuff Happens To Men to blame feminism first and ask questions later never.


I'm also convinced that 95% of MRAs are unaware that men haven't been drafted in the US since 1973- probably decades before many of today's MRAs were even born.

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