Thursday, October 17, 2013

ABC Story on MRA Aggression Sparks MRA Bias in Comments

[Content note: MRA shit, misogyny]

Tomorrow, October 18th, ABC's 20/20 is running a story on the so-called "manosphere" and its inhabitants' aggression toward women.

The comment section to the article previewing the story seem to have been swiftly infiltrated by MRAs and Paul Elam* fanboys, giving the "conversation" in the comments a noticeable, problematic "MRAs rah rah rah" bias.

Note that the article discusses the thousands of rape and death threats that MRAs have inflicted upon women who speak out.  The MRA slant of the comment section speaks directly to that point.

I hope ABC is taking note of that, as well.

I have considered asking readers to consider stopping by to add a dose of feminist reason to the convo, if you're up for it.  The ABC site uses DISQUS as its commenting system.  So, speaking out would involve potentially making yourself, or your online profile, a target of MRA aggression.

I'm hesitant to chime in there, myself. Nearly every time I've been involved in some sort of MRA interaction, I've received some sort of veiled or direct threat either via email or on this blog as a result.

*The same Paul Elam who has written:
"...[O]ur current gender zeitgeist is one that has promoted and enabled such a degree of female narcissism and entitlement that it has now produced two generations of women that are for the most part, shallow, self-serving wastes of human existence—parasites—semi-human black holes that suck resources and goodwill out of men and squander them on the mindless pursuit of vanity."

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