Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dick Morris Concerned About the Homospectacular TV People

Conservative commentator Dick Morris opines on "the real gap" in American politics, which he claims is between married versus single adults, rather than between men and women.

It's a silly, stupid article, really, but I want to highlight this snippet:
"But it is more the Democrats’ allies in Hollywood and the media who foster a lifestyle that does not include marriage. They rarely depict marriage, except to mock it (the Runaway Bride or Father of the Bride). Love flourishes in Hollywood but not much marriage. 
When Hollywood — and the TV people — wants to sell something, they certainly can. Look at how the constant pounding of shows featuring gay couples has melted public aversion to gay marriage in record time. The fact is the Hollywood has declared war on straight marriage for decades."
Er, okay.

You always know a dude has his finger on the pulse of Hollywood when he cites two dorkwad movies from the 1990s as though they're totally representative of an apparently marriage-invisibilizing media culture these days.

I generally like reading thoughtful critiques of movies and TV shows but when one's argument is that all of Hollywood is anti-hetero-marriage because Father of the Bride happened, I walk away being mostly irritated that someone who is apparently a semi-popular political commentator can be so fucking lazy about crafting an argument.  I mean, isn't like 75% of Julia Roberts' filmography alone kind of a one-woman hetero marriage PR campaign to some extent?

In fact, I can think of not even one currently-running TV show that invisibilizes marriage in the way that Morris suggests is rampant in all of Hollywood. I can think of no movie or TV show I've recently seen in which at least some of the characters are not heterosexually-married.

So, I'm not sure what Dick Morris expects from the media.  For all LGBT characters to STFU and go away? For the creation of a special hetero-affirming station in which the plots of all shows are centered around straight people courting and eventually getting married while everyone waives around "hetero marriage is #1" foam fingers 24 hours a day?

And.... "the TV people"? I don't even know, but it's impossible for me to see that phrase without thinking of this.


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