Thursday, September 4, 2014

Comment and Privacy Policy- Updated 5/25/18

By commenting here, you agree to the following. If you do not agree, please do not comment here. As a preliminary, general rule, please understand that as the person who owns and maintains this site, I have the right to set whatever boundaries I deem appropriate here.

More specifically:

A. Responsibility
By commenting here you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the content of your posts. I accept no responsibility for, or in connection with, comments that other people leave at Fannie's Room.

B. Content
By commenting here you agree not to post images, articles, content, or other material that infringes upon copyright laws, that is defamatory, that contains threats, or that is otherwise illegal.

I do not endorse comments that other people make and, because this blog is a part-time volunteer non-commercial endeavor, I do not actively monitor all comment threads for inappropriate, illegal, or offensive content. If you happen upon a comment that you deem offensive or otherwise inappropriate, let me know via email or comment, and I will consider removing the post.

Generally, I allow comments to remain unless they contain potentially illegal content or are overly-abusive. I find that allowing anti-feminist, anti-LGBT, and misogynistic commenters "space" to share their views actually hurts their own cause as they often do little more than engage in personal attacks, make threats, and demonstrate the depths of their own absurdity.

Sometimes, allowing such commenters does lead to worthwhile conversation.  Many times, it does not.  If I don't have time to fully engage with someone who is massively derailing or dominating a conversation, I will end the conversation.

If you have been banned, please do not try to "sock-puppet" here by commenting under a different name.

The comment moderation policy here regarding content is imperfect and subjective.  Given the policies in place here, I do not guarantee that the comments and conversations here are a safe place for all people all the time.

C. Non-Commercial Nature
This blog is strictly non-commercial in nature and I receive no monetary compensation for the articles I post. Spam and comments that are advertisements will be removed. I do not sell user data to third parties.

D. Privacy
This blog is hosted on Google/Blogger and has a third-party commenting system provided by Disqus.

Google's privacy disclosures can be found here: Google Privacy Policy and How Google Uses Information from Sites or Apps That Use Our Services. And Disqus' disclosures can be found here: Update on Privacy and GDPR Compliance.

I have also installed Google Analytics on this site to see how people use this blog. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect internet log information and visitor behavior information.  I have also enabled Demographic report functionality based on Display Advertising (I do not run ads on this site, but the reporting functionality uses the same code). You can obtain more information on how to prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics by visiting Google Analytics Browser Opt-Out page.

E. Technical Issues

If comments are not visible for you, or you experience other issues while trying to comment, here are some tips.

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