Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Elena Undone - Revisited

So, I re-watched the film Elena Undone this past weekend, which I originally watched and reviewed nearly 4 years ago.

In case anyone is wondering, I felt compelled to insert the following addendum into my review (for background: Elena and Peyton are the two lesbian/bi protagonists, and Peyton has recently realized she has a crush on Elena, who is married to a man):
At one point, Elena comes over to Peyton's house while she is swimming, necessitating a quick wardrobe change. Just as a fun fact, "outfit montages" are one of my favorite television/movie tropes even though I know or care very little about fashion and hate shopping. Mostly, I identify with the frustration of it all and the desire for people to bring me outfits so I don't have to pick them out myself.
Typically, the pattern is like, [Puts on outfit] "No, this isn't quite right. [Changes clothes]. No, this getup is just silly. [Changes clothes]. No, this too is dissatisfying. [Changes clothes] Ah, now this is exactly what I've been looking for." [Salespeople and friends nod approvingly]
In Elena's Undone, the "outfit montage" is more like, "Hmmm, what is the most stereotypically dykey outfit I can possibly put on right now?" [Changes clothes] "No, this isn't quite it."[Changes clothes] "No, this isn't it either." [Changes into jeans, tucked-in tank-top, and a flannel cut-off shirt]. "Yes, now this will impress my Straight Lady Friend."
I will just say this: Peyton pulls it off and looks, um, very attractive. Gotta love a woman who's not afraid to butch out.  Elena apparently agrees and making out eventually ensues.
Just, er, adding this addendum for a friend.

ps - Did you not know that Fannie's Room is now all things queer media? There are no more bigots about which to write.

pps- Just kidding. I'm sure the bigot brigade will annoy me enough to write about them very soon. But in the meantime, movies! Books! Games! TV!

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