Monday, December 7, 2015

A Root

When I was kid first watching The Neverending Story (1984), little-me thought that Atreyu was a girl.

This, even though, male pronouns were probably used to describe Atreyu. To be honest, I was at an age where I mostly followed along to movies by the pictures rather than the dialogue.

Thus, in my head, the story was cool adventure girl character something something what amazing flying dog! something something magical book something something cute princess girl.

And, I thought this Atreyu girl was the greatest.

For, I thought that Atreyu was not just any girl, but that he was, perhaps, a lesbian girl. Not that I even knew what a lesbian was, back then. But, I thought Atreyu was a girl that was different from other girls portrayed in movies. Maybe, say, a girl like myself. (And, mind you, imagine a child assuming that of course a girl would be central to a child's fantasy adventure story! Ah, the innocence of youth, before Hollywood had disabused me of that notion).

Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say is that I identified with this gender non-confirming "girl" Atreyu. And that, perhaps, the movie was one of my lesbian "roots."

Discuss this, or other things.

Like, Jessica Jones. People are watching this, yes?!  And Stephen King's Wizard and Glass is, like, the book that will not end, am I right?  It's entertaining, but again I will need to disinfect myself with some good queer/feminist science fiction/fantasy next.

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