Monday, November 7, 2016

Quote of the Day

On Wikileaks, via The New York Times:
"Demanding transparency from the powerful is not a right to see every single private email anyone in a position of power ever sent or received. Wikileaks, for example, gleefully tweeted to its millions of followers that a Clinton Foundation employee had attempted suicide; news outlets repeated the report.
....Data dumps by Wikileaks have outed rape victims and gay people in Saudi Arabia, private citizens' emails and personal information in Turkey, and the voice mail messages of the Democratic National Committee staff members. Dissent requires the right to privacy: to be let alone in our vulnerabilities and the ability to form our thoughts and share them when we choose. These hacks undermine that crucial right."

One of the many fallouts of Election 2016 will be, I fear, the casual acceptance of the further, total erosion of privacy for "the elite." You can guarantee that shit will trickle down. For many, particularly women and marginalized people on the Internet who have been hacked and doxxed, it already has.

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