Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 2.11 "The Martian Chronicles"

I suppose it's time to talk about Kara's love life.

In Season One recaps, I occasionally mentioned that I didn't think Kara and James had great chemistry. The love connection felt forced and one-sided, in that Kara seemed more into James than vice versa. When that romance plot was dropped in Season Two, it made sense.

With the introduction of Mon-El, it became clear that he would be the maintext love interest for Kara this season. (And, James seems happier with Winn anyway). I know there are some shipping wars raging in the fandom about "Karamel" that, quite honestly, remind me of the Lost Girl Bo/Dyson v. Bo/Lauren wars from several years ago (Meanwhile me: Team Valkubus).

I root for SuperCorp even though I know Kara/Lena will likely never be maintext. At the same time, although I'm not enchanted, I don't mind Mon-El. I suppose that's primarily because he's a white male character who doesn't suck the oxygen out of the room by having to be the big dog in every scene he's in. In Lost Girl, I couldn't stand Dyson at first because he was so alpha-possessive of Bo. And also, love triangle plots are the absolute worst. Once Bo/Lauren/Dyson figured their shit out, I came to like Dyson much more.

In Mon-El's case, it's somewhat refreshing that he seems to give zero fucks about performing alpha male. He has an overall reluctance to be a hero in the first place, instead choosing to be a bartender at Close Encounters serving hairspray or whatever to aliens.

That being said, this episode begins with Mon-El having confessed his crush on Kara. In response, Kara says she doesn't like him. I guess we'll see about that.

Speaking of Close Encounters, some White Martians are in town hunting M'gann to make her pay for being a traitor to their purported master race. J'onn brings her to the DEO for protection, but it turns out that a White Martian has shape-shifted into one of the DEO agents.

Also, in queer news, the "Alex's Ex" agent (Vasquez) has made a re-appearance. She's also, I believe, sporting a smart new haircut and I'm not sure how she feels about Detective Maggie Sawyer in general. Is the new look a clear indication to Alex that she's moved on and has resumed Internet dating? (Or whatever people do now, I've been married a long time).

Anyway, the DEO goes on lockdown so they can figure out which one of them is really the White Martian.  Hank concocts a Martian radar-test. Apparently, a flame can reveal White Martians:

Spoiler alert: the White Martian was masquerading as Winn. And also Alex. The Alex reveal was legit frightening.

Holy hell no
The DEO gang, primarily J'onn and M'gann, then defeat the White Martians. I'm not sure what happened to Vasquez in all the action, but I hope she's okay.

Afterward, M'gann says she's going back to Mars to try to find other White Martian resistance members. I understand her reasons, but I feel sad for J'onn that she's leaving.

This episode was sad, and weird.

Deep Thought of the Day: The Martian body-switch-esque plot reminded me of Lost Girl episode 2.9 "Original Skin" where a villain hid in Lauren's body and the gang all temporarily switched bodies with each other.  Fun times. I miss Lost Girl.

  [Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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