Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 2.14 "Homecoming"

This episode begins with Mon-El having slept over at Kara's the night before. And, before Mon-El wakes up, she has gone around the city doing various Supergirl good deeds, only to return home with some flowers and coffee. It's a cute reversal.

Mon-El and Kara then kiss, even though Mon-El hasn't brushed his teeth yet, because no one in TV or movies ever has morning breath.

Importantly, Kara also tells Mon-El that she wants to keep their relationship a secret. In the very next scene, we see Mon-El making a general announcement to the DEO that he and Kara are dating. So, that's shitty in general to do something your partner just said she didn't want done. It's also a relationship red flag.

Later that day, Alex's dad Jeremiah is freed from Cadmus. He tells the gang that Cadmus has built a nuclear bomb, which they're going to detonate and blame on aliens. Mon-El is skeptical of why Cadmus has let Jeremiah go. He's pretty blunt about his distrust of Jeremiah, expressed doubt right in front of Jeremiah, Kara, and Alex. Kara and Mon-El then get in a fight.

Mon-El has a point, but I guess there are couple of weird parts about this:
  • Previously, Mon-El was a slacker, reluctant hero and now he's all in and gives a shit about solving the mystery of the week? I'm praying this plot is not a "Kara, you make me a better man" character development arc.
  • Relatedly, I find it difficult to believe that Mon-El would be right about something that the whole rest of the DEO gang would be completely oblivious to. I know their personal feelings could be clouding some judgment, but after Jeremiah being gone for 14 years or whatever, I think Alex, Hank, and the gang could have believably been more objective about Jeremiah being a Cadmus spy.
Nonetheness, Mon-El then ropes Winn into spying on Jeremiah, because Winn can literally be roped into doing anything for anyone. Then, because Jeremiah is probably the least sneaky spy in the history of TV spies, he tries to break into the "DEO mainframe" while Winn is standing like ten feet away. Jeremiah doesn't even notice or look around while he's doing it:

Winn and Mon-El tell Kara what Winn saw, and then they confront Jeremiah. He claims he was just looking at case files so he could see what Kara and Alex had been up to while he was away. Winn then confirms that Jeremiah's telling the truth (I guess he and Mon-El didn't think to do that first).  Alex gets pissed at all of them, but especially Kara.

Later, though, Jeremiah does steal some DEO files and then the gang figures out he actually is a Cadmus spy. And a cyborg. Or something. It seems complicated. Anyway, he takes the stolen data - which it turns out is the national alien registry - to Lena's mom. When Supergirl gets there to stop them from getting away, Lena's mom pulls the old "put innocent people in peril" move so she can escape whilst Supergirl saves the innocent people.

Alex then has to pull a gun on her dad.

She ends up not being able to pull the trigger. And, both she and Kara are a mess afterwards, knowing their dad is a traitor. I think the moral here is that in TV shows, unlike in real life, people still care when important people are traitors.

Deep Thought of the Week: I seriously miss Cat Grant this season. In addition to SuperCat subtext, I miss the levity and her low-key feminist "Drunk at 9 am. That's the last time I have breakfast with Ruth Bader Ginsburg" lines.

 [Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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