Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Recap: Supergirl 2.15 "Exodus"

So, the big news this episode is that Cadmus has "the alien registry." Given Cadmus' anti-alien agenda, this is concerning.

Cadmus immediately begins abducting aliens and, during a raid at Close Encounters, they even abduct Winn's alien girlfriend, Anya. I mean, Lyra. As a tangential side note, I feel like during the raid scene, Winn is wearing the same flannel as Adam in the movie Beetlejuice. Is it a sign? But what could it mean? And hey remember that little scale model of the city that Adam built in Beetlejuice? I always thought that was cute.

ANYway, Winn is very upset about Lyra having been abducted. Alex is also in a bad place, after learning that her dad has been working for Cadmus. She even goes all Dark Willow, as I guess she's wont to do from time to time, this time on a Cadmus agent the DEO is holding as prisoner. There is, however, no flaying involved.

We then get some scenes at CatCo with Snapper Trapper. I think the point is that we're supposed to see Snapper as a hard-hitting, old-school journalist who busts Kara "Ponytail" Danvers' chops whilst nonetheless teaching her how to be a Real Journalist. But these scenes make me miss Cat Grant, mostly, because I think she could have been a better mentor (plus, subtext). Or, does the Oh Wise Master always have to be an older/middle-aged white guy?

J'onn then tests Alex's loyalty by shape-shifting into Jeremiah and asking her to help him break into the DEO. Spoiler alert: Alex fails the test and is suspended from duty. Whooooops.

The Danvers Sisters' bond is then tested. Alex begs Kara to talk to J'onn, but Kara says that she agrees with J'onn that Alex shouldn't be on the Cadmus case. So now they're in a fight. Maggie, however, stands by her woman and agrees to help Alex investigate Cadmus. Together, they go rogue and find where Cadmus has taken the aliens and that Cadmus is sending the aliens "home," away from Earth, in a giant spaceship. (Are all the aliens from the same place, or would it operate like a schoolbus situation?)

In other queer news, Lena is back! Hi hi hi (sung to the tune of "Bi bi bi").

Since Trapper won't run Kara's story about Cadmus stealing the alien regisry, Lena encourages Kara to start a blog about it. Kara then writes the "blob" (as Mon-El calls it), and Mon-El convinces Kara to publish it. I hope she names her blob Ponytail Pontifications just to piss off Snapper even more.

Back at her office, Lena is attacked by Cadmus goons and tossed over a balcony. AND THEN THIS RANDOMLY HAPPENS which can clearly only be explained as a deliberate subtextual bonus:

(angel choir singing)

Let's take a closer look, shall we? Mon-who again?

Meanwhile, at Cadmus, Alex has boarded the spaceship that's going to be deporting the aliens to another galaxy (or whatever), but it launches while she's in it, sort of like that movie Space Camp.  It will imminently reach the speed of light - unless it can be stopped.

Supergirl flies in and tries to stop the ship whilst making meaningful eye contact with Alex, who is onboard, so I guess this is the scene where the sisters also make up. Supergirl does successfully stop this gazillion-ton spaceship from jumping, so I never want to see her struggle again with a mere caboose.

At CatCo, Snapper fires Kara for publishing her blob, giving her a lecture about how the lack of journalistic integrity could put a fascist in the White House. So, suddenly, Trump is the lady hero's fault? Sounds about right. BYE, SNAPPER - YOUR LOSS.

Kara isn't sure what she'll do next, career-wise, but Mon-Who comes over with potstickers, and then we see a final scene with Teri Hatcher (from the old Lois & Clark series) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), and they're up to something. Hopefully it involves Lucy Lawless also re-appearing, but I somehow doubt it. I guess Lucy can't be in all the things I like, although I don't see why not.

Deep Thought of the Week: I probably spend way too much time watching SuperCorps crack fan vids. Self care, my friends, self care.

 [Note: In November 2017, CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after allegations of sexual harassment.]

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