Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hillary's Book: A Preview

Super looking forward to it:

Now, if I'm properly understanding the rules governing womanly discourse, it seems that some people are suggesting that Hillary's book, particularly because she mentions Bernie Sanders in something other than 100% glowing terms, is going to detract from The Real Fight, which is against Donald Trump.

The logic there, such as it is, seems to be part of the strange reasoning that suggests people - particularly vapid Hillary fans - are not able to multi-task when it comes to political grievances.

I'm here to say have no fear, Concerned Citizens. My capacity for anger about politics is boundless. I promise you that I can be angry at Bernie Sanders and still have a an exponentially more amount of anger at Donald Trump.

On the other hand, if the concern is that this book will divide the left even more, I would humbly offer that the uniting has to work in a way that is something other than uni-directional. There are real and longstanding divides on the left. They won't magically go away by telling Hillary Clinton and her fans to shut the fuck up. I offer, instead, that that narrative will actually make things worse.


Veritas said...

I've been reading this blog for years, silently. Well I commented once or twice, but long ago. But right now I want to say something. It's sad for me to see how you buy into all these lies. And just to get it out of the way: I hate Trump, I'm neutral to Sanders (right now I really don't know what to make of him). But still that's what I think:

Hillary is a horrible, horrible person. She wanted to start a war with Russia, consequences (and reasons, b/c why??) be damned, she casually suggested to kill Assange with a drone. It's all true, she's never even bothered to deny this leaks as 'fake'! Do you really think a person like that cares for women or LGBT-community in any other way than giving them lip-service? Do you really want such a hypocrite to govern you?

I can kinda understand putting women above all, even above wars and people's lives and all. I'm not joking, I really do understand it. We've had so many wars in history, yet they were all about men and even famous revolutions like French Revolution didn't change anything for women. So in a way, I totally understand not caring for who she is, what she could do or even if she's a liar. After all, a liar can do a lot for women if that's her fanbase and she doesn't want to lose it.

But I really don't think that the kind of feminism that exists now is good. I believe it's all bought and I've believed that for a long time now. Look at reality this new feminism has created. Just a few weeks ago I had to explain to a very young girl who had sex for the first time that not liking it at all was normal for a woman, that the media and movies everybody around lies about women these days. The poor girl thought she was inadequate, an exception from the rule, the only one. That's the kind of feminism we've got: it lies that all women like or enjoy penetration even more than men (just look at porn, definitely more than men). They call it sex-positive feminism. I call it bought feminism. And we all know who has most money in the world and sponsors feminist organizations. And who wants the lie to continue, so that women would willingly accept sexual exploitation, secretly thinking that them not enjoying the whole thing is just 'me being defective'. Seriously, back in medieval times everybody and their dog knew that most women in the world feel nothing from sex! At least the way that men think of what sex is. What an achievement for modern feminism to be so ignorant about women that even medieval common sense knowledge was better!

And just to get it out of the way: surely there are women who enjoy penetrating sex, but they're in the minority. In the minor, minor minority. I've met just one in my lifetime. Have heard of one more. So they exist, but feminism as it is now only accepts their existence, while putting down everyone else as 'inadequte', b/c easy sex is what sponsors want from women. They don't want self-aware women who laugh them off b/c they do not want it (And I've never understood why they need women in the first place, can't you just masturbate without bothering anyone, like a decent person?). Anyway, we're in a sad place now, just look at all the tv shows and movies: they're all about sex, not love, and all of them teach young women that if they have feelings they need to jump his\her bones immediately. In most cases, it means they find out truth after the fact and think that they're defective.

Darn the blog refused to accept my post, saying it's too long, so Part II is to be posted in a moment.

Veritas said...

Part II

I don't want to say that the fault lies with various feminist organizations, but they're the ones with money. That's all I say. And do you really think Hillary is any different from them? She does what sponsors want, she's been proven to be corrupt. This is why I really couldn't care less that she lost the elections, even though I do think that women are more important than a lot of other stuff like economical growth: they should be, just once, you know?!

Ok, I'm sorry if my message upsets you or if you feel exasperated after reading. Just wanted to speak my mind, or rather my heart, as a long-term reader of your blog. Sorry if the post is riddled with mistakes, too, the preview doesn't work well on my PC, so I'll publish it as is.