Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Recap: Legends of Tomorrow 3.8 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4"

The final installment of the "Crisis on Earth" crossover begins with Stein being wounded pretty badly while opening the portal off of Earth-X. The heroes get him to the Wave Rider, hoping that Gideon can fix his wounds. (Side note: in my head, I always hear "Gilead" instead of "Gideon." Apocalypse Problems)

Because of their Firestorm connection, Stein's wounds also harm Jax, while Jax is essentially what's keeping Stein alive. Apparently, Stein's injuries are too severe for Gideon to fix and will eventually kill both Stein and Jax. Soooo, Stein has Jax give him a vial of solution that will separate their bond, so that Jax can live, while he himself dies.

As much as I have a problem with how Stein drugged Jax into joining the Legends, it's too bad that the show killed off one of its few (only?) older characters. The CW DC-verse, like many shows and movies in this genre, have few main characters over the age of 40, particularly woen. Eliza Danvers, in fact, is the only older "matriarch" character that comes to my mind, and she's just a recurring side character. Other older women are either dead (Barry, Iris, and Kara's moms) or both dead and evil (Kara's aunt Astra; Oliver's mom).

There are literally more irritating man-baby Wells characters than older women in all of the CW DC-verse shows combined.

(See also, shitty men run the media world.)

I beg of you, Hollywood: Please give us more older female heroes. We need more than General Organa.

Meanwhile, Miniature Ray saves Kara, before Doppelganger Wells can cut out her heart and give it to Doppelganger Kara. So, that's good, I guess. I'm not sure how Supergirl would have continued without its titular character, but you never know, maybe the powers-that-be are itching to make Supergirl entirely about Mon-El or whatever.

Also meanwhile, a Doppelganger Wave Rider and a bunch of Nazis are now terrorizing Earth-One. So, the heroes take to the streets to battle them whilst being led by a queer woman (just as it should be).

A buncha fighting then ensues, Felicity and Iris do some important geek stuff, Doppelganger Supergirl explodes, and Oliver kills his doppelganger. Yikes. But, after three episodes, the heroes have won (too easily? shrug). Many Nazis were punched. That's what matters.

Sadly, it's also time for Alex and Sara to say goodbye, although I don't see why it has to be that way. I feel like as Captain of the Wave Rider, Sara Lance could pop in and out of National City quite easily if they really wanted to make it work.

ANYway, Barry and Iris then get married in a low-key, impulsive ceremony officiated by Diggle, which gets interrupted by Felicity and Oliver also deciding to get married right then and there. LOL In conclusion, straight people are strange.

All in all, this was a good cross-over. I liked seeing the characters from different shows interact with each other and Nazis are particularly-relevant these days, so there's some satisfaction in watching them get their asses kicked by queers and allies.

Deep Thought of the Week: Whenever I hear the name Caitlin Snow, I always at first think they're talking about Caitlin Stark (because Jon Snow is Caitlin Stark's step-son). Crossover idea though: DC heroes take on the White Walkers?

Note: CW/Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg has been fired after a sexual harassment investigation. 

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