Thursday, January 3, 2019

You're Not Interesting Because You're Cruel

Over at Shakesville, I wrote about disgraced comedian Louis CK's big comeback tour as a rightwing crusader against political correctness and kids who survived a school shooting:

"What I can't stop thinking about in [the leaked audio] clip [of a recent performance], though, are the people guffawing at his commentary, in that sorta-guilty way that people sometimes do when they're laughing at something their deeper conscience tells them they maybe shouldn't be laughing at. I'm reminded of the people at the Trump rallies visibly delighting in Trump's calls to violence, reveling in the cruelty.

While many women in the public sphere are expected to spend their lives apologizing for their very existences, men like Louis CK and Donald Trump traumatize and re-traumatize with wanton, unremorseful abandon."
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