Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Fun: Dogs, Cats, Lesbians

1. Today, on our morning walk, my dog mistook someone's rolling suitcase-on-wheels for another dog. My dog thought he was really tough barking at the suitcase, too. Until he realized it was a suitcase and stopped, looked confused, and then went on his embarassed way.

Dogs 0, Cats 4.

2. In light of not currently having cats, I realize that I am excluding cat stories. And thus, I am excluding dogs from the opportunity to rack up points. That's not fair, is it? However, growing up, I had many cats. And the only fair way to handle this situation is for me to use old cat stories in order to give dogs some points.

Beginning with these three words: litter box smell.

Dogs 1, Cats 4.

3. Addendum to Wednesday's blog regarding Willow and Tara.


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How immoral icky perverted absurd disgusting hot.

4. I saved the best for last. To the delight of lesbian and bisexual women everywhere, Jodie Foster has finally come out, confirming what many of us already knew anyway! Yet, the revelation was a bittersweet "victory" as we simultaneously learned that Jodie has a long-term female partner with whom she is raising two sons, thus almost completely negating the remote chance that we had with her.


Congrats, girl.

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*cough* Iloveyou *cough*

And because it would probably defy some law of physics if I were to post without making some sort of social commentary, I must object to this headline:

"Jodie Foster reveals lesbian lover"

At what point is one's partner of 20 years with whom one is raising children more than a "lesbian lover"?

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