Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year('s Eve)!

Hello? *tap* *tap* Is anyone reading this? I have a hunch that many readers are off of work today (and therefore, not bored and reading my blog), on vacation, away from their computers, or preparing for tonight's New Year's festivities.

So, to those of you reading this, "Hi."

And to all readers, new and old, I'd like to thank you for reading Fannie's Room.

As my last post of 2007, I'd like to make two lists. (Because people find anything in list form more exciting than the same info in a non-list.)

My Top 5 (as of today, anyway) favorite famous lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, or otherwise not-completely-heterosexual women, and my Top 5 favorite famous straight men:

Ladies first:

5. Daniela Sea. I know, I know, say what you want about her character on the L Word. I think she's foxy.

4. Angelina Jolie. In pre-Brad Pitt and Billy Bob days, humanitarian-actress-mother Jolie reportedly dated model Jenny Shimizu. (Luckeeeee)

3. Leisha Hailey. She's cute, funny, and into music. What more does one need in a girlfriend?

(ps- just kiddin' Hammerpants)

(pps- countdown: T-minus 1 month until the L Word begins)

2. Jodie Foster. For finally confirming what most of knew anyway.

1. Ellen. Just 'cuz she's still so funny, and positive for the most part.

And now, the guys:

5. Ralph Macchio. Yes, I recently watched The Karate Kid. A movie I was obsessed with when I was little.

4. David Boreanaz. I guess I'm a sucker for men who play dark, sensitive, brooding, vampires with a soul.

3. Will Smith. I've always like him because, like Ellen, he's a good entertainer without being negative.

2. Brad Pitt. I know, he totally stole Angelina from us. But hey, if she's going to be with a man, at least it is Brad Pitt.

1. Matt Damon. It's not that I think he's foxy, I just like the Jason Bourne movies. ;-)

Happy 2008 everyone!!

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