Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dude Mansplains the Lesbian Life Experience

In a bizarre article at Details, Ian Daly explains the "lure of dating an ex lesbian."

This article is bursting with the potential to explore the fluidity of sexual identity in a meaningful way, yet Daly remains trapped in dichotomous thinking that insists that if one is not heterosexual, then one is gay. Instead of exploring the possibility that "hasbians" Anne Heche and Ani DiFranco could be bisexual, he instead lumps bisexual women into the category of "former lesbian" and goes on to suggest that since the social "novelty" of being a lesbian has "faded," it is understandable as to why So Many Women These Days are becoming "refugees" from "the isle of Lesbos."

Of course, he doesn't cite statistics regarding these masses of lesbians who are supposedly migrating from Lesboville, indeed he fully admits that such statistics are not available. Instead, he opts for a mansplanation, because I suppose when one's a straight dude opining about the lesbian experience in life, his own opinion will suffice as an adequate interpretation of reality. His interpretation? Well, you see, coupled with the faded novelty of lesbian experimentation, a woman's natural biological desire to have a baby fully explains why lesbians are turning to men.

Now, it's not clear if this article is intended to be edgy, serious, funny, or informative, but it's really none of the above. [Disclaimer: Humor-challenged Feminist Alert]. Trapped in male-centric ego-masturbatory thinking, the article is unable to conceive that lesbianism or bisexuality might be legitimate sexual identities, in and of themselves, independent of social "novelty" and babymaking desires. Instead, the article tells its male readers what they want to hear. Lesbianism and bisexuality aren't really real and women's sexuality still really revolves around men, even if they aren't sleeping with men.

How strange.

But when you think about it, the article itself might as well have been written by the virulently anti-gay American Family Association, which insists that gay people can and should opt for heterosexuality.

In another bizarre twist, if you click on the link to the article, it contains totally-irrelevant red lady lips sucking on a banana.


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